EBA Clearing - R2P How

Client: Puurontwerp

Alphatron Marine Corporate Film 2022

Client: NorthCMedia

EBA Clearing - R2P

Client: Puurontwerp

GitLab Connect Benelux

Client: Puurontwerp


Client: GS1 Switzerland

Brugg Cables Project - Silvaplana 2021

Client: Brugg Cables

OAK Offshore - Trade Fair Film 2019

Client: OAK Offshore


Client: Deutsche Windtechnik BV

Campus Community Seven Stones

Client: Jan Snel


Client: Brugg Cables

BRUGG CABLES - Seekabel Verlegung 2020

Client: Brugg Cables

FASTLOG - Future of logistics

Client: Fastlog


Client: Brugg Cables


Client: JRC Alphatron Marine

Skydeck Europe - QuikDek

 Client: NorthCMedia

Rohde & Grahl - UT Twente

Client: Puurontwerp

Intedoor at the ISH 2017

Client: Intedoor

Intedoor  Company film 2017

Client: Intedoor

WASCHTURM Montagefilm

Client: hardt.online

Admiral De Ryter Hospital - new operation theatre

Client: NorthCMedia


Client: GS1 Switzerland

Brugg Cables System Movie 2018

Client: Brugg Cables


Swiss Logistic Award 2016 Introfilm

Client: GS1 Switzerland

REXEL 2020

Client: puurontwerp.nl

The Scenic Diamond Project
Client: NorthCmedia


Client: Tinker Imagineers

From Wind Power to E-Mobility

Client: Brugg Cables AG

The BRUbelt

Client: Brugg Cables AG

Mundhygiene - Schallzahnbürste und Airfloss

Client: Daniel B. Fischer AG

REXEL 10 - 16 Service

Client: puurontwerp

Zahnimplantatpflege - Einzelimplantat
Client: Daniel B. Fischer AG
Client: Daniel B. Fischer AG

The Brugg Cables Service Movie

Client: Brugg Cables AG

Kieferorthopädie - Mundhygiene

Client: Daniel B. Fischer AG

Paragon HZ1 - Maintenance Service

Client: NorthCmedia



For the sixth time we had the pleasure to produce the Introfilm for the Swiss Logistics Awards

Sky Access performs activities at high elevations, on places that are difficult to access, using Rope Access. This short trailer shows the newest solution in cost saving tank inspection

Instruction-film about the right handling of the Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush. Client: Dr. B. Fischer AG / Switzerland

Film about the growing and treatment of dental plaque.

Client:  Dr. B. Fischer AG / Switzerland

The Ravel Residence is a modern student complex in Amsterdam. The film shows, how the company: Jan Snel did this in less than one year. Producer: NorthCMedia


Digital Signage Clip for DBF AG in Switzerland


Film about a special cable test installation by Brugg Cables AG Switzerland

Editing and Motiondesign for Puurontwerp.nl   

Short Whiteboard-Animation film for Yellow Submarine Recruitment.

Digital Signage Clip for Switzerland. What you should know about Vitamin D


For the sixth time Leomotion produced Leomotion all the animations for the Swiss Logistics Awards. Having been in previous years, the topics: ice , desert , underwater and the City of Bern, were given , this time the journey of the logo ball went from the vastness of the universe to New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz and Dixieland music.

The Remote Offshore Asset Monitoring System is the most innovative and cost-saving technology in Europe. As part of the NORTHCMEDIA (www.northcmedia.com), Leomotion made the animations and editing for this introduction film.

Brugg Cables AG is Switzerlands leading cable producer. For the

Wetex industrial fair in Dubai, we produced a short introduction

film about the explosion resistant composite outdoor termination.

H2M is a global supplier, which provides a wide range of high quality and comfortable offshore accommodation and workspace modules.

We produced a full CG company presentation.

The marketing team from De Hooge Waerder, an international player in the accountance business had a special vision about their company film: the relationship between customers and supporters shown in the world of aviation.

This was our showreel until 2012. Unless it still shows our USPs ,

it´s high time to produce a new one.

Imagefilm to introduce the Raiffeisenbank Bern

an ambient-movie about the opening of a new office and the expansion of the business district.

For the fourth time Leomotion produced Leomotion all the animations for the Swiss Logistics Awards. The topic of this year was the famous capitol city of Switzerland: Bern, and the beautiful Berner Oberland with the Top of Europe: The Jungfraujoch.

A safety on board film for NorthCMedia about the Wavecat Express.  

A Tender boat of ACVV-Coöperatieve Vereniging Vletterlieden w.a.